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Mermaids and Tea Parties

Mermaids and Tea Parties

Help us give the joy of Maddi’s Little Books to children battling cancer!  Buy one for your little one’s library and buy one for a patient.  The books is charming – one of Maddi’s favorites!
 At last … it’s been seven years in the making, but we are going to press at last.  The first book in the series is adorable – Mermaids and Tea Parties!

During the time Maddi was going through her very long and intense days of treatments, her mother, Donna and aunt, Kerri looked for ways to keep her distracted and entertained.  Kerri wrote little stories – Maddi loved them and would smile and ask for more.  Soon Maddi was asking her mother to draw the pictures – and she sat along side her laughing at the pictures her mother drew. Over and over they would read through the little books – Maddi never seemed to tire of them.  They seem perfect to share with other children, so we are “publishing” them just for YOU!  The good news is that 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of the books will directly benefit the children battling cancer.  So, share them with all of your friends.  Let’s do something BIG!

Watch for the release of the following books in the series:

Make a Wish, Maddi

Today is a Good Day

Dancing Little Fairies

It Is Dark Outside

I Can, I Know I Can

A Dog Named Max



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