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Jr. Advisory Team

Our Youth Leadership Team was established just three short years ago in response to the requests of a surprising number of young people who were either impacted by their personal friendship with Maddi or who had became familiar with her story as their parents and friends worked on the various activities – from fundraising to inpatient hospital visits and projects.  They began asking the question “what can we do to help”?

The Jr. Advisory Team was formed and team members were selected for their display of leadership, responsibility, commitment, and compassion.  They had a vision and a determination that they could make a difference, believing that because of their age they would be able to recognize and respond to the needs of the children.  They are without a doubt an inspiration as we watch them work tirelessly to help raise their own funds for the projects they take on.  They are eager to do whatever it takes and show amazing enthusiasm, coming up with incredibly creative ideas to lift the children’s spirits and give them hope.

The amazing result is watching the team following their hearts and learning that everyone has the ability to make a difference.


Nathan Oliveira (President)
Mark Holmes
Jake Nye
Katie Nye
Joesph Gonzalez
Ryann Gonzalez
Ryan Bliss
Zachary Jenkins
Sarah Scotvold
Ellie Woolford
Ashley Barnes
Leah Lawrence
Carissa Sill


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