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Patient Outreach

From Maddi’s Closet brings love, hope, and joy to patients and families battling pediatric cancer through special events at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles and Childrens Hospital Orange County. Anyone interested in donating to one of the future events is encouraged to contact our corporate office for details. 


  • Ongoing Special Needs & Donations


  • CHLA Valentine Craft Project
  • CHOC Valentine Craft Project
  • Ongoing Special Needs & Donations.  Reminder:  Throughout the year, we accept donations of Walgreen’s $25 Gift Cards (or special designated donation to purchase) – There is a need to provide assistance to some families who do not have enough money to cover prescription copays, flu immunizations, and special equipment.  Hospital staff shares gift cards when special need is identified.


  •  Ongoing Special Needs & Donations.


  •  CHLA Visit – Adorable “Spring Bugs n’ Critters” Craft Project
  •  CHOC Visit – Adorable “Spring Bugs n’ Critters” Craft Project


  • Ongoing Special Needs & Donations.


  • Maddi’s Closet Booth at the CHLA sponsored 21st Annual Celebrate Life Event (Patients enjoy a day sponsored by CHLA.  Maddi’s Closet provides games, treats, washable tatoos, and celebrates the event with hospital staff, children, and parents)


  • CHLA Visit – Jr. Advisory Board “BEACH DAYat CHLA”.  Special treat – Hawaiian dance entertainment.
  • CHOC Visit – Jr. Advisory Board “BEACH DAY at CHOC”.  Special treat – Hawaiian dance entertainment.


  •  Ongoing Special Needs & Donations


  •  School Daze Craze – Collection of backpacks, school supplies


  • CHLA Visit – School Daze Craze – Backpacks delivered with enough school supplies to fill each one.  Patients selected their favorite items using pink “Maddi Bucks”
  • CHOC Visit – School Daze Craze – Backpacks delivered with enough school supplies to fill each one.  Patients select their favorite items using pink “Maddi Bucks”


  •  Ongoing Special Needs & Donations.


  •  BIG EVENT TOY DRIVE –  Collection Location – Coldwell Banker Alliance Realty
  • Ongoing Special Needs and Donations.

From Maddi’s Closet depends on volunteers and donations to make each of the following events a success. The patients, parents, and staff definitely look forward to the visits. Our commitment is to provide activity supplies for 65 – 100 patients at each hospital. This keeps us pretty busy!  Rainbows of Hope  This is a major and on-going fund raiser to support research. Brochure can be viewed on website. Our goal is to fund $2,000 for 35 patients to participate in a study called “Saving Lives, Saving Neurons: The Head Start Program for Young Children with Malignant Brain Tumors.” It is one of the highest profile treatment protocals for young children and has been developed by Dr. Jonathan Finlay, Neuro-Oncology, Los Angeles Childrens Hospital. Institutions around the world share in the research – a breakthrough will improve survival rates and minimize damage. We need your help!   


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