• A world without childhood cancer begins with research, and better research begins with you.

  • Young performers join the fight against childhood cancer!

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  • From Maddi’s Closet provides meaningful support for children with special needs!


Give the gift of hope.

Imagine the impact on a parent who has just been told “your child has cancer”.  Imagine hearing those words followed with “there is no known cure”.  Now, imagine trying to find the words to explain to that child that their world is forever changed. Hope comes through medical research – finding answers, early detection, and improved treatments.  Hope also comes to a child battling cancer through patient  programs when someone reaches out in some way that says “I understand and I care”.  There are a number of ways to help to support Maddi’s Closet.  Every gift you donate – money, time, and talent – make it possible for Maddi’s Closet to continue working toward hope for these children.  Find one that works best for you!

  1. Give online below using a credit card or PayPal account. You can also make recurring donations.
  2. Honor and memorial giving is a special way to commemorate and celebrate the live of a friend or loved one.
  3. Matching gift programs can greatly increase the value of your donation.  Ask your employer if your Maddi’s Closet donations are eligible for matching funds.
  4. Go to ebay.com/givingworks and you can shop, sell, and donate a percentage of your proceeds to Maddi’s Closet.
  5. Adopt a Duck through Maddi’s Closet – Join us at the Annual Duck Race
  6. Support the Annual Dinner Event and the 5K Mad Dash

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Every dollar makes a difference in the fight against childhood brain tumors.

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