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Medical Advisory Board

Our deepest appreciation to those who work tirelessly to help the little patients.

From Maddi’s Closet
Medical Advisory Board

Director: Girish Dhall, M.D.
Director, Neuro-Oncology Program
Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles

Cedars Sinai-Medical Center, Los Angeles, California
Moise Danielpour, M.D., Pediatric Neurosurgery

Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California
Girish Dhall, M.D., Director Neuro-Oncology Program
Anna Evans, PNP, Pediatric Oncology nursing
Karla Garcia, LCSW, Neuro-Oncology social worker

Children’s Hospital Orange County, Orange, California
Leonard  Sender, M.D., Pediatric Oncology

Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, Santa Barbara, California
Daniel Greenfield, M.D., Pediatric Oncology

Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Los Angeles, California
Robert Cooper, M.D., Pediatric Oncology

Loma Linda Universal Medical Center, Loma Linda, California
Albert Kheradpour, M.D., Pediatric Oncology

Miller’s Childrens Hospital, Long Beach, California
Joel Cherlow, M.D., Radiation Oncology

UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital
Tom Belle Davidson. M.D., Dir. Pediatric Neuro-oncology



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