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About Us

From Maddi’s Closet is a 501 (c)(3) Nonprofit Public Charity for the benefit of children with cancer at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles and beyond; bringing love, hope, and joy into their lives and their families through special projects, providing funds for hospital staff for children with special needs not being met by other assistance programs, raising public awareness, and supporting pediatric cancer research.

Our History

From Maddi’s Closet was established in December 2004; two months after the loss of Madison in October.  Madison had battled bravely for eleven months, living nine months longer than her initial prognosis.  During these eleven months, she quietly raised her family’s awareness of the “sick children” around her, pointing out ones who had no one sitting by their bedside, or one who have been having an especially hard day.  Often she would take a toy with her when she went in for treatment and give it to a child who she felt needed something to play with.  Many times she would suggest that her mother needed to help a parent who was struggling.  She made us aware of those around us with so many needs.

After her passing, parents, family, friends, and neighbors saw the tremendous need to continue the support of the little patients and their families who are still battling with pediatric cancer. A team of volunteers was formed and as a result, special monthly events were planned. They soon realized that the need was ongoing, the positive response of the patients, their families, and hospital staff was very encouraging and the organization could be more effective.

In March 2005, From Maddi’s Closet was approved as a Public Charity for the Benefit of Pediatric Cancer as a 501 (c)(3) under Federal Tax ID #542173455. The organization is 100% volunteer-based with no salaried employees. All funding comes from public donations. As From Maddi’s Closet strives to make a difference in the lives of these children, our goals are to:

  • Provide programs that bring comfort and cheer to children touched by cancer and their families
  • Raise public awareness about the issues of childhood cancers
  • Provide financial support in the fight against childhood cancers

Our projects are varied, ranging from distributing new toys and hand-made blankets to each pediatric cancer patient, sharing TLC gift bags with the tending moms, and sponsoring a Craft Play Day in the cancer ward.

The funds raised by From Maddi’s Closet are used to support the special monthly projects and response to special needs through financial donations to the Pediatric Cancer Ward Emergency fund at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.

Our dream is that there will be a “cure” that puts an end to children’s cancer.  We hold on to that dream and as we continue our journey, we work to support the medical community seeking better treatments and greatly improved mental and physical outcomes for these little patients.

Rainbow of Hope Project  One of our goals is to raise enough funds to cover the cost of enrollment of 35 children in the “Saving Lives, Saving Neurons: Head Start Research Program”, directed by Dr. Jonathan Finlay, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.  The cost for each child is $2,000.00.  The anticipated outcome: improved quality of life.

Fund raising efforts include two major events, The “Mad Dash” Community Walk and The All Friend and Family Fun Night Theme Party.  Throughout the year, we reach out to the community selling custom designed Maddi Wear, Maddi Invitations, Note cards, and holiday greeting cards, lovingly illustrated by Maddi’s mother, Donna. These illustrations truly capture the love, hope, and joy children bring to each of our lives and may be purchased online.

Madison often asked for someone to tell her a story as she waited in between her treatments and procedures. Those stories, created by Donna, her mother and Kerri, her aunt have been published and are shared as Maddi’s Little Books.


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